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Why America Suffers and other book projects                   

Dr Trivisonno writes about psychological, psychiatric, and cultural issues.

His current book in the process of publication is Why America Suffers, and Its Implications for Psychological Well Being.

This will be the first book addressed to the general public about the current American mental health situation, analyzing the origins of the epidemics of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse present in American society today.  In this unprecedented work, Dr Trivisonno carries out an in depth examination of the cultural and social factors that underlie a social system that predisposes people to mental suffering in large numbers.

A synapsis of Why America Suffers:  At present, twenty million Americans suffer from major depression; and another sixteen million experience anxiety severe enough to warrant a psychiatric diagnosis.  Another twenty million Americans have serious problems with substance abuse.  The compounded cost of depression to Americans reaches a staggering 83 billion dollars a year.  From a psychological perspective, (and seriously aggravated by our current economic crisis), this generation of Americans is suffering more than any preceding one.  For many in this country, the American "dream" has turned into a "nightmare."
Why America Suffers is a book intended to waken Americans up from that nightmare.

Why America Suffers carries out an analysis of American society and the factors that promote psychological disorders, written from the perspective of a psychiatrist trained as a psychoanalyst in Argentina and as a biologically-oriented psychiatrist in the United States.  The book is illustrated with personal experiences and examples taken from real life and clinical practice.  The book presents practical solutions to the problems Americans face today giving recommendations to start positive change—both in American society and in individuals.  
    While Part I analyzes American society and people’s most common problems in it, part II becomes a practical self help hand-book for every American engaged in the attainment of mental health and the pursuit of personal happiness. This last elementbeing solution focused--makes of this work an important contribution to the mental well-being of the American people.
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