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Public Speaking                                                                                              

Dr Trivisonno speaks on cultural factors affecting Americans' mental health and on Cultural Sensitivity issues that affects quality of care in mental health

Dr Trivisonno is committed to educating clinicians, institutions, and the general public in Transcultural Psychiatry issues promoting a culturally-sensitive approach to psychiatric and medical care.

In his lectures, Dr Trivisonno emphasizes clinically-informed management of cultural differences and the removal of barriers to culturally-sensitive psychiatric care.  Dr Trivisonno is a public speaker in Washington State trainings and symposiums and in Public Health Settings across the Pacific North West.  Through multicultural exposure, he has developed an understanding of cultural differences in medical and psychiatric care.  Doctor Trivisonno is a cultural specialist in the specific problems facing Latinos living in the United States. 
Dr Trivisonno is a speaker for pharmaceutical companies
Dr Trivisonno trains physicians in primary care in managing depression and anxiety. He promotes
effective agents for the treatment of those conditions. The Doctor speaks on: Mood and Anxiety Disorders, the management of Cognitive Disorders, the Dementias and their treatment, and the treatment of complicated Depression in adults and the elderly and Cultural Issues in Mental Health.
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