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My View of Mental Health                                                            

My approach to psychiatric care is multidimensional and personalized using different therapeutic techniques as I deem appropriate in each particular case. 

Philosophy of care
:  I believe in basing my clinical work on scientific evidence whenever possible, but I don't allow this "evidence" to get in the way of seeing patients as people instead of as "numbers."  Hence, I address people's problems on the clinical principle of "the case by case."  This personalized philosophy means that each individual patient is different and therefore his or her treatment must be personalized.  This approach to treatment--tailoring interventions to the individual--is important, I believe, because we live in an era of scientific depersonalization in which human beings are lost in a morass of statistical data that tend to dehumanize people.  And my goal in treatment, as it is in teaching and writing, is to put Human Beings first.
Mental processes are extremely complex.  Thus, no single theory can account for the multiplicity of phenomena that contribute to the development of mental disorders.  For this reason, throughout my career,I have endeavored to study in depth the most important currents of psychiatric and psychological thought and scientific research with the final of understanding the mind in a holistic way. In this long life process, I have trained in Biological Psychiatry, Cognitive Therapy and in (psychoanlytic based) Psychodynamic Psychiatry.
I believe in tailoring treatment to the individual. I stand for applying biological methods and tools when they are necessary (in those situations in which there are biochemical components to the individual's problem).  But, I also rely on treating (and referring patients to other clinicians and programs that apply psychosocial modalities of intervention) when problems are substance-related, intra-psychic, interpersonal, or social in origin.
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