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Frequently Asked Questions                                      
How do I get to see the Doctor ?

You must schedule an appointment using  the contact information provided (see contact page) through Dr T Psychiatry office assistant.

Where can I find Dr Trivisonno's office ?

His office is located in th Professional Building, in the Silver Laker Area in South Everett between Winco Foods and Costco Foods.  
Refer to MapQuest for directions.  Parking is free and available to patients in front and arount the building.  Use 100th St to leave the premises if you are making a left turn to decrease traffic related risk.

Why doesn't the doctor take patients immediately ? 

The doctor needs to perform an initial screening and a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether your condition falls under the range of the treatments that he offers.

Who is in charge of booking Dr Trivisonno for supervision, consultations, and speaking events ? 

Dr T Psychiatry Office Assistant is Dr Trivisonno's secretary.  She will take your initial message, but all these non-clinical activities are arranged directly by talking to Dr Trivisonno after contacting the office, as these services are not related to the clinical side of his practice.

What is Dr T Psychiatry ?

This is the name of Dr Trivisonno's current psychiatry private practice.  Services are therefore limited to private pay and insured patients only.  External referrals to other practitioners (psychologists, therapists, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists) are common practice however, given the large numbers of new patients the doctor sees on a weekly basis.  Dr Trivisonno practices independently from other professionals and hospitals, and does not do inpatient psychiatric work, therefore he cannot ensure a patient's admission to a psychiatric unit in case of need. 

When is the best time to call to talk to the doctor?

You may contact the front desk assistant at (425) 948-7893 anytime during working hours 9 AM to 5:00 PM.  The doctor will call you back as time permits during the day (before 9 AM; during his lunch hour 12-1 PM; or after 6 PM).

How do I book Dr Trivisonno's services for a lecture or training?

To book Dr Trivisonno for an event or training, you must contact his office preferably a week or two in advance and leave a message with his secretary or access the voice mail and leave a message for him with a full name and phone number to return your call.

Why does it take so long to see the doctor?

Dr Trivisonno is a much sought-after clinician and speaker and he has a large caseload and frequent lecturing commitments.  For that reason, he selects his new patients carefully.  A first visit with him may take place 2-4 weeks from the time of your initial call. 
In spedcial circumstances, however, (particularly if you make a special request to the secretary due to urgent need to see a psychiatrist) openings can be arranged sooneron a case by case basis. 

If you place yourself in the waiting list, you will be contacted to be seen sooner if openings in the Doctor's schededule appear.






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