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Dr Rodolfo A. Trivisonno, MD contact information          

Clinical Appointments with the doctor are scheduled exclusively through the front desk assistant.  The doctor does not schedule appointments personally.  Appoinments are scheduled by phone and not in person in the office.
IMPORTANT: To talk to Dr Trivisonno in regards to non-clinical issues, such as requesting consultations, clinical supervisions, trainings, speaking services--or in regards to writing and publishing matters unrelated to clinical work at Dr T Psychiatry--please leave a message with the front desk secretary or on the doctor's answering machine.  Give your full name and clearly record a phone number (please repeat the information twice) at which you may be reached (repeat the number slowly, indicate the motive of your call, and leave convenient times for you to be reached). The Doctor does not return calls during working hours (8:30 AM to 6 PM), but will make an effort to return your call during his lunch break, after hours, or on the next working day. Office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 9-5 PM.  There are no on call services and no way to contact the office after 5 PM on thursdays until monday at noon.
The doctor is extremely busy and cannot accept all patients referred to him for treatment.  Every patient accepted after initial screening by the support staff is initially seen for a psychiatric evaluation and as a consult only.   After the initial screening by support staff, being accepted for an evaluation, does not necessarily mean that the doctor has taken you as his patient.  After the initial screening on the phone process is completed by the office assistant, you will be triaged appropriately,  and a a psychiatric evaluation by the doctor is performed in case you meet initial criteria for evaluation admission.  After which, the doctor will make a decision as to whether he can take your case or you may need referral back to the referring source, to other practitioners, or other types of services. 

Dr Trivisonno accepts most insurances prevalent in his area of practice (North of Seattle Metropolitan area, Everett and suburbs, Snohomish and surrounding counties) except for Medicaid.  For details on insurance coverage matters, please contact your own insurance company first and obtain authorization for psychiatric treatment and then contact the doctor's office assistant.  Make sure you bring your insurance card to your initial consultation visit.

NoteClinical issues of non-established patients are managed exclusively through the secretarial staff. 

The Doctor does not provide on call services or services on fridays nor week-ends

Contact Information

Office and postal address
To schedule an appointment with the doctor or to contact him for any other professional service call Dr T Psychiatry at (425) 948-7893.  The office assitant wil return your call within 48 hours.  Please note that calls received on thursdays may not be attended to until the following monday as the office is closed on Fridays.
Fax number: (425) 948-7943

Dr T Psychiatry is located at: 1710 100th Pl SE, Ste 101 B, Everett WA 98208  (between Costco and Winco Foos in the Silverlake area of South Everett, east of I-5)
The above mentioned is also Dr Trivisonno's professional postal address.

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